Tips For Maintaining Your AC

Tips For Maintaining Your AC

Tips For Maintaining Your AC

You want to stay cool during the hottest summer months. To do that, you have to take care of your air conditioning system. Without routine maintenance and care, your AC will not run as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, you have a much higher chance of a sudden breakdown.

By deciding to complete regular upkeep and maintenance, you are extending the life of your AC system. We here at Prestige Air Heating & Cooling, LLC want you to stay cool and comfortable. These are our tips for routine AC maintenance.

Clean Out Filters

Cleaning out filters is an essential maintenance task for your AC system. If your filters are dirty, your AC cannot function properly. Depending on where you live and how much you use your system, your filters will need to change at different times. For example, people who have pets inside of the home may change their filters more frequently.

Clean Coils

Other critical components to clean are the evaporator and condenser coils. These parts collect a lot of dirt over time. When caked with dirt, the coils cannot absorb heat properly. When this happens, your AC system loses efficiency. Outdoor environments can also cause these coils to become dirty, for example, trees or bushes nearby.

Clean Out Debris

With your AC unit living outside, there is inevitably natural debris in your unit. By regularly cleaning out organic matter, you prevent any airflow blockages. Another tip is to trim back any nearby trees and shrubs. By doing this, you will have fewer leaves falling into your unit.

Schedule Regular Maintenance With Prestige Air Heating & Cooling, LLC

We here at Prestige Air Heating & Cooling, LLC are big fans of routine AC maintenance. By calling us for your cooling system needs, you can accomplish the following:

  • Protect the warranty on the air conditioner.

  • Extend the lifetime of your unit.

  • Save money on energy costs.

  • The air conditioner will work with greater efficiency.

Give us a call at (973) 755-2210 to set up your regular maintenance session today.