How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

When to Change Your HVAC Air Filter

A clean air filter helps your HVAC unit perform at its best. You should change your air filter once a month or at least every 3 months when it is full.

While this is the recommended timeframe to change your air filter, there are more factors to consider when determining when you should change your filter. Here is what else to take into account when you’re deciding whether or not to change your filter.

Why You Should Change Your Filter

Changing your air filter is important not only for your health but also for your home’s HVAC system. Air filters trap particles that flow through the air in your home, and when your filter is full, some of those particles and pollutants get pushed right back into the air.

There are other benefits to changing your air filter like saving money on your electricity bill, lowering your chances of having allergic reactions to dust mites and dirt, and preventing your system from failing.

When to Replace Air Filters

How often you change your filter depends on the following.

The type of filter - If your filter is made out of fiberglass, you should change it about every 30 days. Or, if you have a pleated air filter made from higher quality materials, you can change the filter every six months depending on manufacturer recommendations.

Home size - If your home is on the larger side, you should change your air filter frequently. Larger homes collect a lot of dust and dirt, so your filter should be checked and changed regularly to prevent buildup.

Pets - It’s safe that pets bring us much joy, however, that’s not technically the case for your air filters. Pets carry a lot of hair and dust, and as it sheds, it flows through the air in your house. Your air filter picks up pet dander, so we suggest checking and changing your filter every 60 days — or sooner, especially if your pet sheds a lot.

Let Prestige Air Heating & Cooling, LLC Change Your Filters!

Sometimes, homeowners prefer trusting a professional to maintain and check their air filter for them. Our experts at Prestige Air Heating & Cooling, LLC inspect, replace, and maintain all components of your home’s HVAC unit. We will replace your filter for you and suggest the best schedule that ensures your filter is being replaced on time to avoid further lowering your indoor air quality.

For more information about our HVAC services and how we can assist with all of your HVAC needs, give us a call at (973) 755-2210!
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