How to Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

Trane AC unit

Along with regular upkeep and indoor maintenance, it is essential to know that your HVAC system outdoors is well maintained. The unit outside your house plays one of the most important roles when it comes to the internal temperature of your home. All aspects of your system running smoothly and without damage is vital for optimal heating and air conditioning performance. It saves money on energy costs and prevents the need for constant repair.

In this blog, our experts outline helpful tips to ensure your outdoor unit is well protected and continues functioning as intended.

Location! Location! Location!


It is important to install your unit in an area that will be in the shade most often. Since the air conditioning system usually operates during the hotter months, it will work more efficiently if kept in the shade.

Open Area

Position the unit away from obstructions such as dense bushes or tall grass. These obstacles will prevent the proper amount of air from flowing through the system’s components. We recommend leaving at least five feet of overhead clearance and three to four feet of clearance on all sides.

Keep it Clean!

Protective Fencing

Installing a small protective barrier such as a wooden fence can make a huge difference when protecting your system. The enclosure will help keep pets and children safely away from the unit and prevent debris such as grass clippings and leaves from blocking adequate airflow.

Eliminate Debris

When dust, grass, and leaves build up around your system, the airflow will be restricted and cause your unit to work harder. Inevitably, this will cause your energy bill to increase and could cause your system to stop working altogether. Regularly inspect your unit for debris buildup and foreign objects lodged within. Often it is not easy to remove these objects. Contacting licensed professionals for assistance is always a wise choice.


Annual Tune-ups

We highly recommend scheduling two tune-ups per year, one in the fall to prepare for winter and again in the spring to prepare for summer. Doing so will ensure your unit works properly during the harsh temperatures of the seasons and catch any developing issues before they cause irreparable damage.

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