It’s Time For A Change: 3 Signs Your Air Filter Is Dirty

Clean air filter

Air filters are an essential factor to the air quality in your home. Although these four-sided, thin pieces of spun fiberglass seem insignificant, their purpose is very important. The job of a filter is to act as a middleman between you and dust and bacteria. If you think about how much dust and dander is flowing through the air at all times, it is not surprising how fast these filters get dirty.

We recommend you change your air filters every month, but this small task can be easy to forget. Below, we’ll provide you with a few signs that yours might need to be changed.

3 Signs You Need to Change Your Air Filter

  1. Musty Smell

If your house smells stale or musty, it can mean you are dealing with a dirty air filter. When the filter gets full of impurities found in the air, it is no longer able only to allow clean air to pass through. Tiny particles of bacteria and dust will eventually build up too much on the filter's surface and begin to break away. When this happens, these little pieces of filth will flow through your house and cause buildup on other surfaces. Inevitably, this increased buildup will leave your home smelling less than fresh.

  1. Frozen Coils

Understanding how your AC system works will also shed some light on why changing your air filter is so important. When air passes through the system, it is warm. The warm air passes over cold copper coils that cool the air down to the temperature you have your thermostat set.

When your filter becomes too dirty, the warm air cannot pass through, causing the coils to freeze over; when the coils freeze over, your house will cease to produce cool air.

  1. Increased Energy Bill

It could be a relatively easy fix if you notice you’re paying more money toward your monthly energy bill. Much like the reason mentioned above, forgotten air filters can restrict the amount of air able to flow through. Restricted air flow will cause your blower fan to work harder to bring the appropriate amount of air through the system. When your fan works harder, it requires more energy, hence the increase in your bill.

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Regular AC filter changes are essential to maintaining quality air and efficiency within your home. For reliable AC repair and thorough maintenance, trust the experts at Prestige Air Heating & Cooling, LLC. Give us a call today at (973) 755-2210!

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